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The Only Affordable Rover Designed for
Patrol Officers - Tactical Teams - Crisis Response

"No officer should have to risk their life simply because the technology that could keep them safe is too expensive."

 Shawn Mahaney
-Former Officer

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Body Cameras

Cell Phones

Action Cameras

 Our rover, your camera 

At only $3,999, The 4Sight is a fraction of the cost of other robots, making it possible for smaller agencies and those with limited budgets, as well as larger agencies seeking full-scale accessibility, to benefit from this life-saving technology



  • carbon-fiber body

  • 4-Corner Impact Mitigation


4Sight Powered agencies



Sgt. Michael Pierce - Fresno Police Department

“The 4Sight has proven to be an excellent tool for my agency, and we use it frequently. It's very affordable, easy to use, and capable of handling the various environments we encounter. This tool prevents my officers from having to go face-to-face with potential threats when the scenario doesn’t call for it, greatly improving their safety.”
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